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About the President

Picture of Naava Frank.

Naava L. Frank, Ed.D. established Knowledge Communities to help foundations and non-profits build their capacity to launch and support the growth of communities of practice (CoPs). CoPs use systematic knowledge sharing to focus on improving professional practice. Naava has given numerous presentations about CoPs including a plenary for Grantmakers for Effective Organizations (GEO) Conference.

Naava has a unique combination of expertise in Education, communities of practice (CoP), organizational consulting and start-up of non-profit organizations. She works with her clients to educate sponsors and members, design learning activities and coordinate or mentor ongoing community development. She has used her expert facilitation skills to design numerous conference sessions on knowledge sharing for a wide variety of non-profit organizations.

Immediately prior to founding Knowledge Communities, Naava was Senior Project Director and a founding staff member at the Partnership for Excellence in Jewish Education (PEJE), a philanthropic partnership, where she played a major role in the organizationís start-up and in development of its school consultant program. Her portfolio at PEJE included launching and managing communities of practice with a high level of success. William M. Snyder, a leading thinker in communities of practice, recognized Naava for her excellence in this work.

Naava has a track record of entrepreneurship, starting and then selling a computer training company servicing the greater Boston area. She wrote curriculum and training manuals for ten PC based software packages that were sold under license.

In all of her work she is passionate about fostering collegial sharing for professional growth. She is inspired by learning from and working with Etienne Wenger and William Snyder, leading thinkers and researchers in communities of practice and social learning systems; and John Smith, a developer and coach for communities of practice with expertise in technology.

Naava holds an Ed.D. from Harvard Graduate School of Education and a B.A. from Barnard College/Columbia University. She lives in Cambridge, MA with her husband and two children.

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